GLOW in the Dark

This year, churches all over the world will unite to distribute tracts on Halloween. It’s one night most everyone is expecting you to knock on their door! During this night where everything seems dark, we have the opportunity to literally GLOW in the Dark. Read below to see how you can participate.  

Here are three ways you (or your church) can be involved in GLOW in the Dark:

1) Pass out tracts with your church outreach team. This means you (or someone in charge) would coordinate an outreach for October 31. They would decide on a meet time for your outreach team, choose the location your team would pass out tracts at, promote the outreach event at church several weeks in advance, obtain enough tracts for distribution, secure a room for the prayer team to meet in and lead the outreach that night! A detailed checklist of how to prepare for GLOW in the Dark is available. If you would like us to email you this checklist, please text 818-863-6786. You can also call us at 818-546-8435 and we will email or mail you a copy.

2) Pass out tracts to trick-or-treaters who come to your home. This means you would take tracts from your local church GLOW or literature rack and have them ready for Halloween night. You would leave your porch light on, and be ready for those who will knock on your door or ring your doorbell. When they come, you can give them a tract!

3) Pray for people giving & receiving tracts. This means you would meet up at church and pray with a group of other members while your church outreach team hits the streets. You would take time to pray for God to lead them to the right people and to keep them safe as they are lights for Him. If you were unable to meet up and join in united prayer with other members at the church, you could take special time to pray for the outreach team from wherever you are!

To sign-up with Southern California Conference, click here: SIGN-UP FOR GLOW IN THE DARK 2018

By signing up, you’re simply indicating that your church is planning to host a GLOW in the Dark event locally and that you would like all relevant information our office can provide to help you pull off the best GLOW in the Dark possible!

Any other questions, feel free to call 818-546-8435 or email us at